We created NOIZE’s very first brand campaign. Ever.

We had newly developed the tagline “Outerwear For All Who Care” as part of our major branding overhaul, and thus needed to articulate its meaning in a campaign.

“Cruelty-Free” as a USP can only take a brand so far, so we examined it through another lens: “anti-cruelty” in a broader sense, outside of animal abuse in fashion.

So we developed “Care Stories”; a 360 integrated campaign dedicated to spotlighting purpose-driven advocates who carved a space in culture to represent themselves as a result of social intolerance.

In this series, we highlighted three women who haphazardly created a collective and safe space for others to debunk body image,
mental illness and ageism. 

Their stories translated into three mini-films each highlighting our collective heads in Youtube pre-rolls, sponsored social media posts,
editorial spread, newsletters and story-telling on our home page. 


The best part? Thanks to us, this little brand got major creative props up there with big brands in the big leagues.

Creative Direction & Art Direction: Jessica Saesue & Nina Mourin
Photographer & Director: Roxana Bazgoneh