Ash Footwear Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

Starring Crista Cober

Ash Footwear brings edgy and unique contemporary footwear to the accessible market. This collaboration between model, Crista Cober and Ash brand for fall 2014 seeked out a marketing campaign to promote the exclusive collection using video. I had an opportunity to produced and executed this video through the use of After Effects to transform stills into this sequence moving images. Using the Kaleidoscopic effect and the up beat music this video captured the attitude and the style of what Ash Footwear is all about – and that is kickass shoes!

To create a visually appealing video that showcase the Fall 2014 products collaborated with model influencer, Crista Cober.

Designer and After Effects Editior– from storyboarding, photo manipulation, and edition with soundtrack to create a cohesive video.

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